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Reviews for The Spinal Decompression & Chiropractic Center

  • Thanks for getting me in on short notice.

    - Roger L.
  • Very friendly staff and Doctors that really listened and took there time with me.

    - Gwyn C.
  • Very friendly and informative!

    - Tammy S.
  • Everyone is super nice and helpful here.

    - Alexie S.
  • Great first experience with Dr. Baugher and his staff!

    - Ronnie S.
  • Great first time experience.

    - Nayurel R.
  • A very friendly environment!

    - Dorothy K.
  • I’m very impressed with staff and all personal that I met during my visit.

    - Brian H.
  • Very professional yet friendly!!

    - Rachael G.

Very Grateful

My name is Dartha , and I am 91 years old. I have been living with severe neck pain and headaches for over a year. I have been in and out of hospital emergency rooms due to unbearable pain numerous times. I have been to a pain control doctor who gave me shots that controlled the pain for only about thirty minutes. The doctor then tried an implantable electrical stimulator on my spine, and even that did not improve my condition.

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After no relief and suffering unimaginably for 24 hours a day, I had no quality of life. Then, God led me to Dr. Vince. Within one week of treatment, I was able to hold up my head and smile. With continued treatments, my pain is well under control and very bearable. It’s not common to find a doctor as caring as Dr. Vince. And I was afraid I couldn’t afford the treatment. But he sat down with me on my second visit and explained everything I could expect, and then we worked out a payment plan that even I could afford. And he doesn’t make me wait when I come in. I thank God I found Dr. Vince. I recommend him highly to anyone that suffers with severe pain.”

— Dartha L.

Finally Found Relief

My 21/2 year-old son, Quade, has finally found relief through the dedicated efforts of Dr. Vince. Prior to meeting Dr. Vince, Quade had suffered with extreme pain from constipation since he was an infant. He would go for two weeks without a bowel movement, and even then they were very painful. We tried juices, prunes, Mirilax and even the horrible process of trying to give a two year-old daily enemas. And still nothing worked!

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After we had exhausted every avenue of medical care with no success, Dr. Vince offered to do a chiropractic checkup. He never put down what I had tried to do at home, and he was very complimentary of the pediatrician. But he said that since those things hadn’t worked, maybe we could try something else. He found that several of the vertebrae that supply nerves to the stomach area were out of place. With Quade’s permission, Dr. Vince adjusted his spine (I was surprised how gentle he was!). Right away, my son started having several BMs a week, almost completely pain-free. With continued adjustments, Quade is now a much healthier and happier child. Dr. Vince is very professional, but he relates to kids so well and has such a child-friendly environment that Quade was really comfortable with the whole process. But most importantly, it worked, he made my baby feel better! This experience has truly been life-altering for my son and myself.

– Trisha Chapman

Lasting Relief

Being the ultimate skeptic, I expected little improvement. I had tried so many different things to help my back and neck pain. However, even after the first treatment the change was amazing. The pain has continued to disappear with each treatment. Each day, I expected the throbbing and burning to return with a vengeance, but to my surprise and delight, the relief has been lasting. Okay, Doc, you have a convert! Thanks!

— Kimberly K.

Life is So Much Better

I am a 70 year-old retired school teacher and counselor, and I loved my job. But in 1990 I was in a car accident. I didn’t feel anything right away, but three months later I began to develop severe pain in my neck and mid back. I couldn’t move my arms and felt extremely tired. It was so bad, I had to quit my teaching job.

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My medical doctor did all kinds of tests, sent me for two full rounds of physical therapy, then to a neurologist (he said I had fibromyalgia). All this time, I was living on pain killer drugs. My MD honestly said he didn’t know what was going on with me and that I might have chronic fatigue syndrome. I felt depressed, irritable, restless and cried easily. So he put me on Prozac. Finally I decided to see a chiropractor, and it helped. Frequent treatments over the past ten years kept me functional, but I still had severe pain in my neck, mid back and lower back. I then started to have blurry vision and twice lost sight in one eye. Again a whole bunch of tests (including THREE MRI’s), another neurologist and an optometrist. Results—nada! Still severe neck, mid and lower back pain, plus vision problems. Then I saw in the Denton Connection that a new technology was available at the Spinal Decompression Center. After less than three months, my pain is so much better, my depression is gone, I have stopped taking Prozac and Estrace and my vision is improved! I am so grateful to Dr. Baugher for developing the Disc Restoration Technique. Everyone at the SDC is so warm and friendly—you can tell they love their patients. And my life is sooooo much better!”

— Luz W.

Feel Like a New Person

Words fail me to express what you have done for me. I was facing almost certain spinal surgery and incapacitation for the rest of the year, or possibly, the rest of my life when I limped into your office. Your friendliness and thoroughness impressed me at my first visit and I have not lost that feeling.

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I was in so much pain when I began my treatment. After the first time, I was walking with less of a limp. After the second treatment, I was beginning to sing your praises, because you have been an absolute miracle in my life. I am now walking normally, doing all the work that I formerly was unable to do, and feeling like a new person. You are a blessing in my life, and I truly love all of you for what you are and what you have done for me. I feel like you are family when I come into the office and you greet me like a family member. God Bless all of you, and may you be able to continue to help others as you have helped me.

— Nancy Franklin

Gave Me My Life Back

I have suffered multiple work-related back injuries in the past fifteen years; several of these resulted in trips to the Emergency Room and weeks of recuperation. I was depressed over the constant discomfort in my lower back and great pain that I felt when certain activities were attempted.

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That was until I visited Dr. Vince Baugher at The Spinal Decompression Center. Now I can do more than I ever thought was possible. I am working out and even riding a bike again. I spent years visiting doctors and performing back exercises that got me back on my feet and allowed me to work but nothing has allowed me to go beyond that like the decompression therapy. Thank you for giving me my life back.

— Gustavo M.

Improve With Every Treatment

When I first came into The Spinal Decompression Center last May, I was experiencing severe pain in my lower back, left hip, and down my left leg. I dreaded getting out of bed every morning because I knew that each step would produce excruciating pain. I was tired of taking medication and wanted to have a pain-free life again.

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However, after I began receiving regular chiropractic adjustments and treatments on the spinal decompression table, the pain began to subside. It seemed as if my condition improved with every treatment I received. And now, I am so thankful to be able to perform normal everyday tasks, including taking care of our three daughters, without pain. In fact, I was so impressed with the care I received from Dr. Baugher and his staff that our entire family now sees him for regular chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Baugher for helping me have a pain-free life again!

— Tracy