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Reviews for The Spinal Decompression & Chiropractic Center

  • My daughter and I were very impressed with your office staff, all included. It builds confidence in your caregiver when they explain every detail and act genuinely concerned for your comfort and health as a patient. Thank you so much.

    - Janet W.
  • Exceeded expectations

    - Jim M.
  • The staff and doctors ate extremely compassionate.

    - Gisela T.
  • The staff was super friendly and helpful land the doctor made me feel extra comfortable. I recommend this place to everyone

    - Caryssa H.
  • The care of the staff was exceptional! Dr. Baugher is wonderful. He carefully explained every little detail and showed absolute concern during the whole process. The overall experience was very pleasant. Thank you!

    - Thomas S.
  • Awesome job guys! Keep it up!

    - Kyle F.
  • Very professional and caring practice.

    - Gladys D.
  • Very affordable. Don’t be afraid to check them out.

    - Stephanie G.
  • I appreciated the thorough questions regarding my health history and how upbeat and professional all staff were.

    - Kimberly B.

Optimistic and Impressed

Optimistic that my experience will have a positive impact on my over-all health. VERY impressed that initial consultation consisted of a thorough exam WITH X-Rays taken. Leads to my confidence that Dr. Baugher will be well acquainted with my spinal alignment before actually attempting any adjustments.

– Bruce M.


I was impressed with how large that the practice was. I was impressed with how complete the initial exam was, especially for the money. I was impressed with how well the doctor listened to my story.

– Jeff V.

Skilled And Experienced

Dr. Baugher is not only skilled and experienced, but intuitive in his approach, basing his care on listening intently to his patients.

– Valarie A.

Excellent Experience!

So far, this has been an excellent experience! My back does not constantly hurt, and I have not had nearly as many headaches as I did previously. I am excited to continue treatment and hope that continues to show improvement in my movement and ease of pain.

– Christina R.

Very Welcoming Staff

Very welcoming an professional staff. Dr. Baugher made me feel comfortable and was very attentive to my needs. I would definitely recommend!

– Rachel C.

Friendly and Helpful

Everyone is friendly and helpful. I have never felt such warmth at a doctors office. It made me feel at home and all the fears I had disappeared. After only a couple of treatments I feel so much better. I am so happy to be their patient and confident I will recover 100%.

– Marjorie S.

Friendly and Informative

The staff is very friendly and informative. The doctor came out to formally greet and introduce himself to me before going to the back. They made me feel like part of the family instead of a patient. The doctor provided me with all information needed before beginning.

– Lashonda J.