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  • Dr. Vince Baugher
    Dr. Vince Baugher

    When I was just a 19 year-old doing volunteer work in Israel, I was told my mom may not be alive by the time I got back. What else could I do but pray for a miracle? Epilepsy! Several severe grand mal seizures every day for months, and getting worse. A friend of Mom’s referred her to a chiropractor in town. The results weren’t immediate, but they were dramatic. Over the course of about a year, he brought her back to virtually perfect health. By the time I got back from a couple of years of service with the Baha’i Faith in east Africa, she was not only alive, but thriving. 19 years later, I still have a wonderful, healthy mother, thanks to chiropractic! Read more»

  • Dr. Charles Laughlin
    Dr. Charles Laughlin

    I was first introduced to chiropractic thanks to my dad, Dr. William Laughlin. While he was in chiropractic school and upon graduation, he would adjust my spine to help me stay healthy. I would bounce back quickly from illnesses, thanks to each adjustment! Following in my dad’s footsteps didn’t come right away. I attended Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Print Journalism. After graduation, I worked as a sportswriter for two years at the Hobbs News-Sun in Hobbs, New Mexico. It was a fantastic job, but due to the goals my wife Kathleen and I had at that time, I decided to take a new career path. We talked about me going back to school to become a chiropractor, and the rest is history! Read more»

  • Dr. Charmaura Henderson
    Dr. Charmaura Henderson

    Dr. Charmaura Henderson is a St. Louis native and recent graduate of the prestigious Parker University. As a mom and former athletic trainer, she understands the benefits of chiropractic care not only for pregnant moms, babies, and athletes, but for every member of the family and the community.

  • Dee Tabb
    Dee Tabb

    I am one of the Practice Representatives for the Clinic. I plan and coordinate health fairs and special events, handle marketing, advertising and public relations, and teach our class called “How To Stay Young Your First 100 Years”. I also occasionally help patients with various therapies. The staff here is the most amazingly positive and caring group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It touches my heart every day to witness people’s journey towards health, healing and relief from pain. I look forward to meeting you, being of service and watching your healing journey.

  • Melissa Kassales
    Melissa Kassales

    I assist in the business office. I love talking with our patients, hearing about what brought them to us and witnessing the progress they are making. I didn’t know much about chiropractic care until one of my children was diagnosed with several autoimmune disorders. After years of testing, research and medications a friend convinced her to see a chiropractor. Not only was chiropractic care able to help manage her pain, it also helped her through difficult pregnancies, pneumonia, kidney stones, and more. She now manages her disease with diet and chiropractic care and is currently training for a Triathlon. I can not even begin to tell you the difference this has made in her quality of life! Please come in and meet our amazing team!

  • Marissa Shaw
    Marissa Shaw

    My interest in fitness, exercise and health started as a student and then progressed to a profession as I became an instructor, coach, program director, general manager and trainer (of various ages, activities and facilities). I have been a Personal Trainer for many years after receiving my Advanced Physical Fitness Specialist and Water Aerobics Instructor Certification from The Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research in Dallas.

    My career goals were to utilize my God-given talents, abilities and life experiences to serve others. I sought to work for a company with high integrity and solid core values that supports its employees to grow its business, as well as serves the patients and the community. I feel so blessed and love working at SDCC as a Therapy Technician and at the Front Desk.

  • Sydney Jaramillo
    Sydney Jaramillo

    I am the Office Manager. I am in charge of making sure all the moving cogs of our practice run smoothly. I am tucked away in an office, but you may see me giving new patients tours of the office or stopping by at the front desk. I am continually inspired by our patients and absolutely love working with this amazing staff!

  • Crissy Henry
    Crissy Henry

    I am the HIPAA Compliance Manager and Technical Support Manager. I ensure that all your patient information stays safe and secure and that our computer systems and sign in technology are working properly.

    I am proud to be a member of theThe Spinal Decompression & Chiropractic Center team! There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing the healing of people who are in pain, and I look forward to supporting you through your journey to a better quality of living!

  • Tracy Rawlings
    Tracy Rawlings

    I’m part of the front office team and will be the person that helps you get checked in and out, and schedule appointments. The staff here truly care about our patients and want to give you the very best care that can be provided. I enjoy seeing others feel better and I love being part of our chiropractic team.

  • .
    Toni Leshi

    My role here at SDCC includes welcoming you at the front desk and assisting you with your therapies. It's such a blessing connecting with our patients and seeing how much we can change their quality of life for the better. I love it here at SDCC. I come to work every day with a thankful heart and the supportive staff I have the privilege of working with makes it even better. I look forward to being a part of your journey!

  • Backster

    Hi, my name is Backster, the Chiropractic Panda! I am the cute and cuddly mascot for the clinic! My job is to go around town with our clinic team to educate people on the wonderful healing benefits of chiropractic care. Well, actually, they do the educating, and I just look cute and take pictures with kids and other people. *Please let the clinic know if you would like me to make an appearance at your next employee health fair or school event for teachers and students.

  • The Spinal Decompression & Chiropractic Center
    Ryan Robinson

    You'll see me around the clinic helping you at the front desk or assisting with your therapies.Working for a chiropractor is something I never imagined I would be doing. But after seeing the joy on patients faces, when they finally experience relief, it's hard to imagine doing anything else. I look forward to meeting each of you and helping you navigate your healing journey in any way that I can.

  • Hope McBride
    Hope McBride

    Here at SDCC I serve more than one purpose. I may be the first face to greet you or the last to wish you a good day on the way out at the front desk. On the other hand, you may see me in the back, helping with your decompression or cold laser therapy. As part of the team, I am here to serve you, please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything I can do to optimize your time with us!

  • Lindsey Forrest
    Lindsey Forrest

    My chiropractic journey began when I was five. I cheered competitively growing up and throughout high school. I graduated from Texas Woman's University in 2018 with an Exercise Science degree. From there I was a Personal trainer while continuing to coach cheerleading and tumbling. I worked in the employee fitness center at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth.

    My role here is to help assist you at the Front Desk and with Therapies. I feel so blessed to work with such incredible doctors and this team of individuals. I am amazed at the love and quality of care our team provides for our patients. It is inspiring and rewarding to witness patients come in and see such drastic improvements in their healing and quality of life. We truly are a family here. My career goals and purpose in life is to truly love and serve others. I look forward to meeting you and encouraging you throughout your healing journey here.