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Dr. Christina Upchurch

How Chiropractic Found Me?

Dr. Christina Upchurch

Dr. Christina Upchurch

I had severe hip and low back pain, which made it very difficult to walk. I was in so much pain, that I was almost in tears. While I was at work, there was a Chiropractor doing a screening. My spine was checked and he found the problem. I had subluxations!! After a few adjustments, not only did my hip and low back pain that I was suffering with for years go away, also other problems began to disappear. No more menstrual cramp, headaches, or constipation. I was intrigued and decided to change my career path from being a Pharmacist to a Chiropractor. I graduated with a B.S in Biology at the University of Arkansas. Wooo Pig Soooie!!

I couldn’t stay away from the warm and lovely Texas weather so, we moved back to Texas in 2011. I went to Parker University in Dallas where I received my Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. At Parker, not only did I learn a lot, but I also gained a new and focused outlook on health and wellness.

At the Office

I love working with patients of all ages, from the womb to the tomb. I especially love working with children and pregnant women. It is important that every child begin their life free of subluxations. My adjusting techniques are Diversified, Thompson (drop table), and Activator.

Outside Of The Office

I was born and raised in Texarkana, Texas. I married my friend and high school sweetheart, Michael, in 2008. Our family grew when he had our daughter, Riley. She has given us much joy and excitement. In my spare time I love spending time with my family. My first cousins and I are extremely close. I am a lover of almost every sport. I relish teaching natural childbirth classes.

After having Riley naturally without medication or surgical procedures, I wanted to educate the community about natural birth and why this process is important for the baby and mom. Training and teaching couples through Birth Boot Camp classes is a joy.

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